250NM IFR requirement complete, and I’m now free to fly my plane!

I needed 2.2 hours to complete my checkout due to insurance requirements for my Cherokee 6/300.  Patrick and I utilized this time to do my 250NM IFR cross country flight with 3 different instrument approaches to fulfill my training requirement.

We flew from Charlotte (KFPK) to Toledo, Ohio (KTOL) via the JXN VOR and flew an ILS approach into Toledo.  We then flew north towards Saginaw (KMBS) and did a VOR approach with a circle to land.  After Saginaw we flew back to Charlotte and did a GPS approach.  The weather was overcast when we left and I was able to get an hour of actual instrument conditions, the remainder of the time I flew with the foggles in simulated conditions.  Total flight time was 3.1.

250 NM cross country