Aerial View of Traverse City and Northern Michigan

Alison, Ruby and I spent Memorial Day weekend with Alison’s parents in Traverse City. We flew up on Friday afternoon, spent the evening with them, and then took them on a great aerial tour the following day. This was Alison’s dad’s first time in a small airplane and her mom’s second. Her first was last year when I took her and Alison for a ride during some of my instrument training with my instructor. Her mom and dad were both very new to the world of small aircraft and due to the heat of the day and the wind the ride was a bit bumpy. However, after 10 – 20 minutes everyone settled in and was comfortable with the ride. We flew from Traverse City (KTVC) to the west coast of the state over Empire and Sleeping Bear Dunes. We then headed north all the way to Northport, down Leelanau, Suttons Bay, and then overflew downtown Traverse City. After completing our primary tour we flew over torch lake and headed to Bellaire airport. Although I wasn’t able to enjoy a beer I did have an amazing pulled pork sandwich at Short’s Brewery, and grabbed two growlers for the road… air? … for when we got back home. This video is about 45 minutes of touring footage edited down to 8 minutes.

Points of interest in the video:

  • 00:20 – Falcon jet lining up behind us to take off then our departure from TVC
  • 01:20 – Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • 03:30 – Downtown Traverse City
  • 05:15 – Torch lake and you can then see another plane fly behind and under us
  • 06:13 – Downwind and landing at Bellaire

I decreased the engine noise in the video from 100% down to 20%, it’s still pretty loud. I didn’t add any music, if you’ve watched a couple of these and you have a preference to music or no music, let me know.

Some photos from our journey.