Dan Lash – First flight with Captain Doom

My friend Dan Lash and I went for a 90 minute flight over to Muskegon Michigan. I really like this flight because you get to move between 3 different approach frequencies so it is good radio practice. Plus, it’s a good distance to log cross country time and most importantly – Muskegon airport is right on Lake Michigan so the view is awesome.

15 Minute Video

The 15 minute video is edited down but is still 1x speed and has both a forward and rear facing GoPro view. You can hear our audio feed and us chattering with ATC.

6 Minute Video

This video was an experiment. I just put it together real quick to see how it would work. The speed is increased 350% and the video is still edited down. It just has the outside GoPro view and I put in an audio track that is not synced to the flight at all. Made sure to pick a very cliche song like “Aviation High.”



Dan Lash Flying

After a simple flight briefing on the controls I let Dan take it over for a few minutes. He’s a natural.