First Multi-Engine Airplane Instruction

A month ago the Cessna 177RG I used to rent had an unfortunate incident and is now out of commission indefinitely.  The FBO I rent at has two trainers and a twin, but it’s hard to rent the trainers for a full weekend trip.  The twin however, is regularly available.  I’ve been working on my instrument rating but still have 25 hours cross country/pilot in command time to get in; I was thinking of taking a slight tangent and getting my multi-engine, then using that to finish up my XC/PIC time.  I don’t really want to fly just for the sake of building hours, I would much rather go places and actually do things so losing the Cessna 177 was tough.  Even if I don’t go through and finish my MEL at this time I figured there were worse ways to spend a few hours on a Saturday then flying around a Twin Comanche.  Here is my first 1.2 hours of instruction edited down to under 20 minutes.
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This is a 1965 Twin Comanche, N7693Y and available for training and rental from

You can jump forward in the video if you want to see anything specific.

  • Take-off: 1:50
  • Cloud-climb: 4:00
  • Steep-turns: 6:00
  • Emergency-Descent:15:00
  • Base-to-final-landing: 18:00

This was my first time in this plane so I didn’t have much time to find good camera mount points. I wore the GoPro head strap and used a tripod in the backseat.  I’m working on some ideas for some external mounting points, we’ll see how it goes.

At the airport there was also a beautiful Bonanza with TKS a Cessna 310 and a little Titan Tornado