First PIC flight with Cherokee 6 – 323DT

I flew with my flight instructor Patrick, Alison and her mother to Muskegon airport this last weekend.  I have to get in 10 hours of flight instruction in my plane before I can fly it solo due to the insurance requirements.  I’m going to try and fly 2 or 3 times a week to get in my time and hopefully go on our first adventure out of state.

The very first flight I took in the airplane was to get my High Performance endorsement. After that I am now able to fly and log Pilot In Command (PIC) Cross Country (XC) time which I need towards my instrument rating.

Even though I need the 10 hours for insurance requirements I also still need plenty of instruction and instrument time towards my Instrument Rating so the extra time working with Patrick.

  • 3:00 we are on final approach landing in Muskegon
  • 4:30 flying along the coast of Lake Michigan

I have to do some research on what happened with my camera. The white balance or something didn’t reset and as the sunset the footage became all grain and was unusable.  I think if I would have stopped and restarted it the camera would probably have readjusted to the different light and been ok.  We’ll see.  I’m flying tomorrow at night and I’ll fire them up to see if it is any better.