Instrument Rating – December Update

The weather in Michigan has been pretty rough for flying over the last 4 weeks.  A typical winter day has been an overcast layer of around 1000-2000 ft and temperatures around freezing.  Not the best conditions to be hopping around the area doing instrument approaches.

Since I haven’t been flying much I have been studying for my instrument written.  My typical studying technique includes reading the ASA text books and also using the ASA Prepware iPad application to study possible questions for the exam.  I ended up reading through the entire apps database of question just to see the variety of questions they might throw at me.  I needed a 70 to pass and ended up with a 97. That’ll do.

I have about 8 hours of pilot in command cross country time and simulated instrument time left.  Due to the holidays I imagine I’ll try and finish those up in January if I can get weather good enough to fly consistently for over the course of a week or two to get enough preparation for my check-ride.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to setup my cameras, audio equipment and do much editing. The last couple flights I’ve just slapped up a camera to have it captured. I’ll try to classy it up again in the near future. I would like to get some more flights recorded from the tail of the plane.

A couple hours edited down to 10 minutes on a nice afternoon. No audio.

Flew to GRR, MKG, MBS, FPK in some IMC. No audio.