Mackinac Island – Alison’s Birthday Weekend

August 15th – 17th Alison and I spent the weekend on Mackinac Island.

We left Charlotte at 3pm and were on the island around 5pm.  Normally this is a 4 hour drive, plus another hour or so parking, getting a ferry ticket and getting over to the island. Flying was definitely the way to go!

We stayed at the Metivier Bed & Breakfast on Market St. It was really nice and the breakfast was excellent.

After we hiked, biked, ate, and drank all weekend we headed to Traverse City to have dinner with Alison’s parents.

Traverse City airport was pretty busy Sunday afternoon. There were some helicopters coming in and out, 3 other small planes in the pattern and a couple of jets departing. We actually had to do one hold in the downwind to wait for some traffic to clear, which gave us a great view of the bay.

Alison’s mom and dad were waiting for us at Harbour Air Services. One of the attendants actually drove her dad out to watch us fly in and listen to ATC. After we landed they drove back and gave us the best ramp spot and topped our tanks off.

We ate at Red Mesa grill and then went back to the airport for our hour flight back to Charlotte airport. The sky was calm and quiet on our way home and we flew a little lower to see some sites. When we came in to the Lansing area there was an overcast layer, but we were still able to fly 2000 AGL and make it home before dark.