MSU scenic flight with Huddy

Went flying with Alison and my buddy Paul the day after the MSU OSU game.  Our original plan was to fill the plane up with a few more folks and head to Shorts Brewery up north. But after looking at the forecast we decided to just do something short and easy.

Since he is also an MSU alumni a flight over campus is always a good first flight.  It’s easy to get from Charlotte to East Lansing via a trip by the Capitol and overflying Lansing.

As I’m still building up PIC/XC time after flying over campus we flew the extra 20 minutes or so to Flint and did a touch and go to get that 50NM distance minimum out of the way.

For being an overcast day we ran into a bit more general aviation traffic than I would have expected.  There was someone in the pattern when we left Charlotte, a nice looking Cirrus flying into Lansing and a few other planes we eyeballed on the way there.

Didn’t run the GoPro today, but did get some photos.