Night flight to Flint KFNT, KJXN, KFPK

First night flight recording with the GoPro and first flight mounting the camera on the exterior.  The suction cup mount worked great, definitely going to try this during the day now.  The GoPro is mounted on the outside of the windshield and I ran the tether through the window vent and put a zip tie looped on the end to make sure it didn’t slip through the window. Once we setup for cruise it flipped back and was pointing at the sky. I had to stick my hand out the vent window and re-adjusted it.  With a ground speed of 180kts (207mph) at the time it was pretty hilarious trying to fix it. The force of the wind with my hand out the little side vent window was intense. But, the suction cup held just fine.

Still working on my 10 hours of dual instruction required before I can fly my plane solo.  I’ve got 8 logged now, so another couple flights and I’ll be good.  Good thing is that I have been working on my instrument rating and I need hours of instruction, instrument time, and plenty of pilot in command cross country time before I’m eligible to take my practice IFR test. So, this 10 hours of dual in the Cherokee 6 has been a great opportunity to get more comfortable flying VOR, ILS and GPS approaches with the Garmin 530.  I haven’t got into the Garmin 496 too much yet, but it is hooked to XM weather so that’s pretty nice to be able to easily check whether at any of the airports.

The camera facing back at Patrick and I didn’t record any audio, I don’t think it was plugged all the way in; and the lighting was terrible so there was nothing to look at anyways.  I just set this to an audio track (Phantogram) and left it at that.  The battery died between Flint and Jackson so there was only one landing captured (2:30 min).

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