Using Google Calendar to reserve flight times.

Google Calendar is pretty easy to use and most phones and mobile devices integrate with it very easily.  We decided to use this as the primary way to reserve flights in the partnership that I just joined. The only problem was that it’s really useful to get notified whenever anyone scheduled a flight.  Just so you have some situational awareness of what’s going on next week, over the weekend or on any upcoming holidays.

  • We setup the Google Calendar on it’s own Gmail account.
  • I didn’t want other peoples flight time showing up in my primary calendar so I actually just installed a 3rd party app called “CalenMob” for iOS.  I connected the Gmail account to that and use that for seeing the planes schedule.
  • I setup an IFTTT recipe (if this then that – to send us all an email whenever a new event is added to the calendar.  This was a stock recipe so it was very easy to setup.  Now we all receive an email (usually within 30 minutes) of anyone scheduling a flight in the calendar.